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  • Game Spot Reviews: Mario Tennis Aces Review In Progress: Aim High

    When the credits rolled on Mario Tennis Aces' Adventure Mode, I vowed to never again laugh at a tennis player having an ugly meltdown on the court. I had felt the volcanic surge of adrenaline that comes when a rally has gone too long. I knew the sense of high alert while trying to suss out which corner of the court an opponent is going to attack next. I have spliced and invented new curse words to mutter when a ball goes out of bounds. Off-beat stages and creative use of characters from the Marioverse ensure that you'll never lose sight of simply having fun, but don't let the adorable exterior trick you; Aces takes its unorthodox tennis very seriously.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: Unravel 2 Review: Partners In Twine

    With its warm, rustic setting, and an instantly endearing protagonist, the first Unravel had the outward appearance of a happily nostalgic adventure. That initial fuzzy feeling, however, gave way to a series of frustrating puzzles and a story that took some unexpectedly dark turns. In the game's final hours, the poor little hero Yarny was left all alone in a hostile world. What a relief it is to see him in a better place in Unravel Two, the sequel that's notably comforting thanks to the introduction of a second yarnling. Once they meet, Yarny and his new friend immediately hit it off and set out on a new adventure.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: Moonlighter Review: Open For Business

    Dulcet tones and somber notes played in time represent the curious duality of Moonlight. It is, at once, a heroic adventure and the name of the subdued storefront that you alone run. Centered in the heart of a once-bustling town, all the greats, the audacious plunderers of dungeons that were sealed long ago, have died out. The markets and the merchants of your hamlet have all but vanished alongside them. Always looking to the horizon, you see what could be--in both yourself and the town--and set out to claim your glory and bring riches back from the depths of dangerous dungeons.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: Sushi Striker: The Way Of Sushido Review - Cartoon Cuisine Combat

    Like many of Nintendo's most memorable video games, Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido takes a seemingly mundane fixture of life and extrapolates it into a novel gameplay idea. In this case, co-developer Indieszero (Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, NES Remix) has built an action-puzzle game around conveyor-belt sushi, which serves as a vehicle for its match-three-style duels. And thanks to a knowingly zany presentation and regular stream of new mechanics, Sushi Striker is a fun and consuming puzzler unlike anything else currently on Switch, despite a few niggling issues.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: West Of Loathing Review: The Wild Bunch

    West of Loathing is not as simple as its art style might lead you to believe. Its black and white color palette, stick-figure characters, and crude hand-drawn art might appear to be devoid of personality. But in practice, its visual simplicity acts as a malleable canvas for its imagination to run away with reckless abandon. West of Loathing is an involved Western adventure game/RPG hybrid that embraces absolute absurdity with mechanical flexibility and comedic personality, making role-playing in its monochromatic old West thoroughly entertaining.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: Onrush Review: Push It To The Limit

    Calling Onrush a racing game is a tad reductive and maybe even a little disingenuous. Sure, there are two- and four-wheeled vehicles careening around a track with reckless abandon. But with no finishing lines in sight, achieving victory in Onrush is about much more than simply seeing who can reach a chequered flag first. This bold idea for an arcade racing game comes from a new studio formed out of the remnants of Evolution Studios. It's a curious transmogrification of various genres and styles, taking elements from the high-octane takedowns of Burnout, the multi-vehicle chaos of Evolution's MotorStorm, and the class-based competitive action of a hero shooter like Overwatch.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Review - The Tag Team Dream

    2D anime fighters like the BlazBlue series are often intimidating for their elaborate movesets and demand for precise execution. However, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle breaks from tradition by simplifying its gameplay systems, and bringing in characters from three other franchises to join the fight. By no means does the simplification make Cross Tag shallow--the dynamic tag system and the clever ways you can mix mechanics are where Cross Tag shines. Factor in the charm of these distinct worlds and you'll have plenty of reasons to consider this fast, flashy, and endearing fighter.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: Golem Review: Hidden In Plain Sight

    Golem often feels at odds with itself. This gorgeous puzzle-filled adventure successfully wraps you in a mystical world, where bright hues and cheerful melodies set the mood. But beneath this inviting exterior lie disjointed challenges that no amount of whimsy can sugarcoat. Even with smart mechanics that are introduced at a sensible pace, Golem's rhythm is regularly disturbed by jarring difficulty spikes and obtuse solutions.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: Yoku’s Island Express Review: A Breath of Fresh Air

    Metroid-style platformers have become more common recently, which makes standing out from the pack a daunting task for new games in that style. Yoku’s Island Express overcomes this hurdle by creatively combining both Metroid-style exploration and pinball mechanics into one unique product. This combination sounds unusual at first, but the final result is a charming, delightful, and wonderfully satisfying hybrid.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: Vampyr Review: The City That Never Sleeps

    Vampyr may seem an unlikely game from the studio that made the narrative-focused Life Is Strange, but being an action-RPG doesn't preclude it from being a great vehicle for storytelling. It's set in a harsh city in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, and much of the game involves potentially becoming the savior the world so desperately needs. If anything, Vampyr feels like the spiritual successor to the beloved cult hit Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines, but with much of that game's vampire politics replaced by heartfelt interpersonal drama.

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  • Autumn is here
    Finally, we no longer have to juggle the awkward transitional period bridging the seasons and can fully embrace the arrival of autumn. That’s statement coats, scarves, boots and chunky knits galore. Hurrah! So, where to start? With so many trends for the season, it’s hard to decide which direction to take. Which trends will be [...]
    So the final instalment of the SS15 Fashion Week calendar has come to a close, and boy, was it a good finale! We feasted our fashion-hungry eyes on collections from the likes of Moncler, Givenchy, Valentino, Stella McCartney, Celine, Chloé, Dior, Saint Laurent and more, and spotted a sprinkling of stars along the way.   [...]
  • Horst: Photographer of Style
    The V&A in London – one of the world’s most celebrated museums of art and design – is currently showcasing the work of photographer Horst. P Horst (1906–99) in its retrospective, Horst: Photographer of Style. The exhibition is available to view until 4 January, and features 250 stunning photographs in addition to haute couture garments, [...]
    So, onwards and Italy-wards for the third of the SS15 fashion weeks. This time the stage was Milan, home to the shows of Prada, Dolce&Gabbana, Armani, Bottega Veneta, Marni and more.   The week was a veritable feast of Italian fashion, with everything from the richly embellished to the minimalist and pared-back on the table. [...]
    Once the fashion world had had their fill of the Big Apple, they moved swiftly on to the home of red buses, black cabs, Big Ben, Parliament, Buckingham Palace and, of course, Bicester Village – London. All eyes were on the capital from 12 to 16 September as fashion’s finest descended on the city to [...]
  • Fashion Week, Part 1: New York, New York
    So, it’s that time of year again when style leaders and opinion formers convene in the four corners of the fashion world (London, Milan, Paris and New York) to discover the hottest trends for the season ahead. The back-to-back schedule for the spring/summer 2015 shows starts with New York Fashion Week, followed consecutively by London [...]
  • Summer of Style
    As the nights are drawing in and the first signs of autumn are upon us, we thought we’d take a look back at the fantastic summer we’ve had across the nine Chic Outlet Shopping® Villages in Europe. There’s been art, culture, great food, face painting, giant apples (!) and of course, shopping – it’s been [...]
  • The BDC is back – and this time, the spotlight is on the boys!
    Men’s fashion in Britain today is the most exciting it’s ever been thanks to London Collections: Men, the special fashion week dedicated just to gents. The event, which was masterminded by GQ Editor Dylan Jones, was created to showcase the very best of British men’s style and shine a spotlight on the country’s most exciting [...]